Hey, I am a Qualified Nutritionist Zainab, currently working in a renowned hospital with the moto to provide better health through food and awareness of proper food intake to enhance the efficiency of nutrients to work properly in the body.

WHY did I start NutritionLab.co?

I started my studies four years back with the aim of a professional nutritionist but as things pass I came across a number of hurdles because there was no proper site with complete information and details required for a nutritionist.  At that time I decided as soon as I am going to complete my qualification I am going to launch my own website specifically dedicated to NUTRITION.

NUTRITION I itself is just not a word or field. It interacts  with number of co-related fields like obesity which is the top reason of many other high-risk factors like cardiovascular disorders, diabetes  type II and many types of cancers, micronutrients  emphasizing on zinc, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E & K  etc. and malnutrition  causing  issues like  underweight  and overweight etc. ,  which are the top issues that are faced by increasing population almost every day. I will cover all the details on them on this website for the purpose of feasibility and knowledge of students.

I am working with the collaboration of a highly qualified team of doctors to improve the quality of my recent research knowledge.