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Detox water for flat belly

It’s the modern age in which the Detox water is becoming the latest craze. Every one of us either male or female wants to look perfect and ideal. Nobody wants to see themselves bulky and dull. Don’t we want to look like models and enjoy an ideal weight and look? We all want this and try different remedies and techniques (Detox water for flat belly) to overcome these things. We all want to see our tummy flat.

So, you want a flat belly and sick of using different remedies for making your tummy flat because fat bloated tummy is annoying everyone irrespective of he/she is slim or fat. Fat also get accumulated around your waist that gives an impression that you have gained extra pounds.  Well you will come to know about all remarkable detox waters here, that will help you to make your tummy flat and give you a slim and gorgeous look. I am going to explain you all effective detox waters that will bring you amazing results. So, here we go. In the beginning I will brief you all that what is detox water?

What is detox water?

The word detox means to purify or get rid of toxins inside your body that came from the external sources like pollutants, chemicals, toxic lipstick particles that you eat unconsciously including many others and Detox water is for the purification from these kinds of toxins in your body that will help you feel good and definitely help you in achieving a smooth and flat belly. So, here’s a list of detox water for flat belly

Detox water with lemon

Lemon detox water comes at the top of the list. It is the best thing ever you can do for making your belly flat. This will give you stunning results that you can’t have imagined and its tangy flavor will definitely keep your taste buds happy and give you fresh breaths. This is beneficial if you are looking for Detox water for flat belly.

How to make detox water with lemon?

1st recipe; for making a detox water with lemon all ingredients you need to take are lemon and water only. Squeeze lemon juice and pour it in one or two cups of water. You can also make a jug of this detox water and can consume it within a whole day. For increasing the flavor and taste, you can add some of the mint leaves into it. The yummy flavor of lemon and mint will keep your taste buds happy and make you feel fresh all day. You can also pour lemon juice into ice cube boxes to save your time when to make this detox water next time but make sure not to take the lemon juice from the market because it is mixed with chemicals and preservatives. Always prefer natural things so take fresh lemon juice.

2nd recipe; Another thing you can do is to take a fresh lemon with peel and cut it into circular way and put it into the normal distilled water and leave it for few hours. After that you can consume it at any time of day whenever you feel thirsty, take this detox water and never forget to wash the lemon under flowing water to remove the impurities over its surface. Lemon juice in empty stomach will give you better results.

Important tips for using detox water with lemon             

Don’t use a very large quantity of lemon juice in the beginning but you don’t need to worry much because natural things do not harm but it is also a fact that excess of everything is bad. Take the small quantity of lemon juice diluted with more water if it suits to you than gradually you can increase the amount of lemon juice and never ever think of yourself bad because most females have a bad habit of considering themselves bulky even if they are not.

Remember that everything to decide to do, get stick to it ,it is not an easy task to achieve a  smooth flat belly overnight ,everything requires your sincerity and effort, if you are truly conscious to lose your belly fat that smarty check out that this drink suits to your body or not it probably suits to everyone, then you must have to stick to it , use this drink thrice a week, along with this don’t sit idle all time, do some belly workout to help this detox water work better and always think in your mind that you are getting smarter as the days pass. These are the best drinks (Detox water for flat belly) that I am telling you along with this I am faithfully telling you these important tips that must be focused.

 Remarkable benefits of detox water with lemon                        

There are lots of benefits of lemon detox water, some of which are listed below;

  • There is no need to tell you about the importance of water because everyone also knows that the human body is largely composed of water and without water life is impossible.
  • Lemon has also its beneficial side effects on the body. Nature has made everything useful. Lemon is very effective in flushing out toxins from the body and keep the body to function properly.
  • Lemon is a citrus fruit, obviously containing citric acid named as ascorbic acid also that will good for killing your belly extra fat.
  • Lemon is a natural powerful anti-oxidant that helps the cells from getting damaged.
  • Lemon is rich in vitamin C and lemon also decreases body cholesterol levels that will help you to remain slim.
  • Lemon detox water neutralizes body pH
  • Lemon is also rich in potassium along with vitamin C that keeps you away from strokes and other heart diseases or malfunctions.
  • Boost liver function that helps to speedily detoxify harmful agents out from the body.
  • Lemon detox water aids in digestion
  • Lemon boost up the function of gallbladder and also treats acne
  • Lemon also works magically to decrease digestive system related problems and also helps to overcome bloating.
  • The citric acid in lemon increases the production of digestive juices
  • In our body, the kidney performs the function of detoxification; hence detox water cleanses the kidney.
  • Lemon fastens body’s metabolism that will help to burn calories and lose weight and tummy fat.
  • Lemon improves our skin condition and boosts up our immune system.
  • Lemon cleanses the liver

So, you should use lemon juice (Detox water for flat belly) in diluted form with water.

Cucumber detox water

Cucumber detox water is the second best detox water and it has also its incredible benefits. Cucumber is almost 95 percent water and 5 percent other very essentials nutrients along with its peel.

cucumber lemon detox water

How to make cucumber detox water?

All you need to take for this recipe is a fresh cucumber and distilled fresh water. Take a fresh cucumber and wash it thoroughly under running water to clean its surface. Then, cut the cucumber in a circular way with its peel or without peel and put it into the jar and along with this add fresh normal water into the jug also. Leave it for some time and you can use it for a whole day whenever you feel that you need to drink. You can add some mint leaves to it for better flavor and freshness in water. Consume this detox drink thrice in a week. It is preferable not to peel off cucumber skin because it contains a lot of nutrients.  This Detox water for flat belly will amaze you with quality results.

Important tip for cucumber detox water

Drinking any detox water or simple water immediately after the meals ,make the tummy to swell up because adult stomach has the capacity to fill a lot of stuff inside it ,so water immediately water meals will cause the stomach to dilate and after emptying of your stomach, it will not regain its original slim shape and  gradually keep dilating that will make your belly bloated and swollen .So, always remember this important tip that you should not drink a lot of water immediately after meals plus you can give a break of half an hour to drink water. Read here about Apple Cider Drink.

Benefits of cucumber infused water

When you infuse the cucumber detox water and leave it overnight or for 24 hours then it will bring more amazing results because this time will allow extracting all the goodness’s from it. Do not do cucumber infusion in boiling water, just leave them overnight in normal water and its (Detox water for flat belly) results will definitely amaze you.

  • Cucumber is a negative calorie food means that more amount of calories are utilized to digest them than the calories acquired from them, so more calories would be burnt that will make you slim and smart and make your belly smooth and flat.
  • Cucumber also contains some antioxidants that are very beneficial for health.
  • Cucumbers are a rich source of fibers that will give a fullness feeling to your belly.
  • Cucumber has also potassium and magnesium in it that helps to prevent high blood pressure.
  • Cucumbers have a unique thing in it called as cucurbitacins because cucumber belongs to the cucurbitaceous family and it helps to prevent atherosclerosis and cancer by reducing the abnormal cancer cells.
  • Cucumbers are largely water so they help to prevent dehydration.
  • Cucumber infused water will extract all essential things from cucumber and give you helpful results.
  • Cucumbers mainly help to control your weight, obesity, and diabetes.
  • Cucumber will help you to prevent heart-related problems.
  • This cucumber infused detox water will help you to low your cholesterol levels.
  • Cucumber makes your skin healthy and glowy and it is also used in facial masks etc.

Important things that you must know;

  • Some people found cucumber hard to digest but you don’t need to be worried because all types of cucumbers available in the grocery store are edible and digestible. There are different types of cucumbers that have almost the same essential benefits but differ in their shapes, size, and taste. Their different types are Armenian cucumbers, Japanese cucumber, Kirby cucumber that are often used for pickles, lemon cucumbers which are small like lemon but sweet in taste, Persian cucumbers, Wild cucumbers that are not edible at all and may cause dangerous effects but as I said earlier that available cucumbers at grocery stores are all edible ones but if you are taking blood thinning medicines for example Coumadin ,warfarin  than you should not eat a large number of cucumbers
  • Some people eat cucumber plants and think that it will give them the same benefits as cucumbers but this is completely insane, cucumber plant causes harms to your body.

Cucumber lemon detox water

Cucumber and detox water is a tasty drink you can ever have enjoyed. Cucumber and lemons together give freshness and a cold lemon and cucumber drink will charge you up. Lemon and cucumbers are the best things that have remarkable benefits that I have also described earlier they both when mixing up together as a drink, then they bring marvelous results.

Recipe for cucumber lemon detox water

All you need to take is two lemons and one or two cucumbers, ice cubes, and fresh pure water. Firstly wash lemon and cucumbers under running water and then cut both of them into circularly shaped slices and put them into a jar. Add water and ice cubes into it to make it a chilled drink and you can consume this in a whole day.Refill the jug or jar with water when it is gone empty, all other ingredients are in it already, you can refill two to three times.

Benefits of cucumber lemon detox water

  • Cucumber lemon detox water will boost up your immune system
  • It will help you feel fresh and energetic
  • It strengthens your whole body
  • It helps in rehydration; this is also a best refreshing drink in summer.
  • This detox drink will keep your muscle tissues healthy
  • This detox water is also good for your skin
  • It keeps the blood pressure normal.
  • It is also best for good and fresh breath.

Important tip

In these detox water drinks it is better to infuse cucumber for a whole day but if you are not infusing it than don’t let it mix for more than 12 hours because cucumber get soften and water does not feel fresh but if you are infusing it and kept it in a refrigerator than definitely there is no problem. Drinking detox water is a healthy habit in fact the best investment to your health. Read here in detail about Detox Drinks Benefits.

Magical effects of detox water

All these detox waters are really magical because I personally have tried these to reduce my fat belly. A few years ago I have a fat belly that makes me think that I have a bad look. I read a lot of remedies, heard about a lot of drinks but they were of no use and fat started to accumulate around my waist also and that was the very awkward and a bad state. Here I have given details about Causes of Obesity.

At that time I came to know about detox waters, I started searching about them but I didn’t get a accurate knowledge of how to make these detox waters and how much should I have consume this, than I met a nutritionist who guided me completely and within two months I have got a smooth flat tummy and my waist also became slim just because of my consistent efforts and this magical detox water and that day I decided that I will definitely write an article about detox waters for flat belly that will help all others who want to get rid of their fat bloated belly and finally I wrote this complete information providing article and my experience about it because now a day’s every normal or fat person is complaining about their fat belly.

Final words-detox water for flat belly

Anything that you decide to do, get stick to it because continuous struggle brings fruits and results can’t be achieved overnight. Don’t you think that also there are continuous efforts behind a magic or a magical thing?This magical detox drink will definitely bring you amazing results but not overnight, you have to do some effort. Use any of these detox water you like thrice in a week and do not sit idle all the time, you can simply do a walk, try to avoid extra fats in your diet and eat a balanced and healthy diet. These detox water combinations are the best investment to your body but only use them if you are actually fat or having a fat belly if you are completely slim and still want to drink detox water than use it once in a week. Detox water is the best of all the things you have used or been using for a flat belly and are very beneficial for your body.

Good luck,  Team Nutrition Lab

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  2. Really an amazing article it is…This article provides all the information regarding the detox waters…i have personally used detox water for 2 to 3 months …and observed the amazing results…Detox waters greatly help to clear the skin.

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