How to Lose Weight Naturally

How to lose weight naturally?

In our today’s culture weight is a sensitive subject, especially in teens. Most people desire to be thin, but everything needs time, to be mindful that changes occur slowly. So, if you have to lose weight you should be patient and always remember

“Don’t focus on losing weight focus on being healthy”

What is overweight?

The state between the normal weight and obesity is called overweight. Meaning of overweight is that amount of fat in the body is more than optimally healthy. The major cause of overweight are:

Causes for being Overweight

  1. Addiction to food
  2. Consume too much fast food
  3. Sedentary lifestyle
  4. Genetic cause
  5. Consume too much sugar
  6. Medication (antidepressants)
  7. Diabetic medicine
  8. Insulin resistance diet
  9. An absence of Leptin (an appetite reducing hormone)
  10. Misinformation about food and nutrition

Health problem associated with overweight:-

  1. Type 2 diabetes
  2. High B.P
  3. Heart disease and strokes
  4. A certain type of cancer
  5. Sleep apnea
  6. Osteoarthritis
  7. Fatty liver disease
  8. Problem in pregnancy

How to check that we are gaining excessive weight than normal?

In order to check that you are getting overweight or not, you should have to know your health number

Health number

Measure NORMAL  Value
1.       BMI

2.       Size of waist

3.       LDL (Bad cholesterol)

4.       HDL (Good cholesterol)

5.       B.P

6.       Blood sugar(fasting)

7.       Triglyceride


Men < 40 inch , women <35 inch


Men > 40mg/dl , Women > 50mg/dl

120/80 mmHg or less



The easiest and accurate way that is using nowadays is BMI:-


BMI stands for Boyd Mass Index.T hat  can be calculated by’

If a value is above 24.5 it means we are in the state of overweight if it is above 30 it means we are obese

Following aims should be made in mind, while reducing weight

  1. Prevention against weight gain
  2. Adequate weight loss
  3. Maintain reduce weight

Diet plan to lose weight:-


In order to reduce weight, we don’t have to eat Empty calories foods or blank calories foods

Blank calories or empty calories food:-

Such foods don’t contain any essential vitamin or mineral but contribute calories in the body. You should have to read food labels to avoid empty or blank calorie food. This food contains

  1. Solid fats:- that fats always remain solid at room temperature like butter
  2. Added sugar:- additional sugar during the procession of Food.
Food Item Solid Fats Added sugar
1.       Cakes, donut yes yes
2.       Energy drinks fruit drinks no yes
3.       Cheese, ice cream dairy products yes no
4.       Meat like sausage, hot dogs yes no
5.       Fast food, burger Pizza yes yes
6.       Candy bar yes yes

You should eat negative calorie food

The food that contains low calories including Fruits and vegetables are negative calories food. It means more calories required to digest them as compared to the number of calories they contain .such foods low in calories but rich in vitamins and minerals.

Negative calories vegetables


Serving Calories
1 cup 15

It also contains vitamin c, k, potassium silica that help in the building of connective tissue. Because f high water content cucumber keep you full by taking a small room in the stomach “eat cucumber with skin, it contains all fiber”


Serving Calories
Medium size 3

 It also provides vitamin K, A, C, and potassium and it also reduces the risk of ovarian cancer.


Serving Calories
4 ounce 6

 It also contain vitamin C that keep bone strong


Asparagus act like a natural diuretic and flush out water from body important chemical alkaloid present in asparagus that break fat cell to reduce weight. Also provide vitamin A, K , B complex and vitamin C


Serving Calories
Half cup 25

It also contain fiber and vitamin c. it best to eat in raw form.

Leafy green vegetables

These are the lowest calories food.

Water cress

Serving Calories
1 cup 4


Serving Calories
1 cup 4

Green vegetable also prevent the body from osteoporosis heart disease and cancer.

Bell Pepper

Serving Calories
100g 30

 This   vegetable  contain   folic acid and fiber. It can add almost in every dish.


Serving Calories
100g 17

 Also prevent from prostate cancer in men.


Serving Calories
1 cup 28

 It is anti-inflammatory and control symptoms cause due to excessive inflammation in the body.


Serving Calories
2 medium sized 50

It also contain anti oxidant  magnesium  potassium and due to low Glycemic index, it manage blood glucose level.


Serving Calories
1cup 8

Its major component is water so in order to reduce weight lettuce salad provide us feeling of fullness without contributing calories


Serving Calories
100g 23

 It contain specific oil that wash fat cell form the body.


Serving Calories
100g 17

It is the healthiest food in the diet, also help to repair DNA and contain K that is essential for nerve transmission


Serving Calories
100g 25

More calories burn to ingest the cabbage as compared to the number of calories it contain. It prevent from cancer and heart disease


Serving Calories
100g 43

It contain  belatin that is anti-oxidant. It also prevent from premature aging.


Serving Calories
100 g 29

Drink warm water with few drops of lemon juice is the best way to start metabolism of day.


Serving Calories
100g 25

It is the lowest calorie foods it is also useful for the digestive system and heart.


Serving Calories
100g 23

 it also provides protein fiber vitamin mineral and phytonutrients.

Grape fruit

Serving Calories
100g 42

It contain  naringenin. It is an antioxidant that trigger break of fat in the liver. It also prevent form blotting by flushed out the water from our body.

Summer Squash

Serving Calories
1 cup 15

 Eat as much as you can eat summer squash. It do not contribute in weight gain.

Negative Calorie Fruits
  1. Apple
  2. Water Melon
  3. Apricot
  4. Strawberry

Other are:-  a) Mushroom       b) Green Tea


Serving Calories
Medium size 100

 But 120 calories burnt to ingest medium size apple, it’s peal contain pectin that boost metabolism

Water Melon

Serving Calories
1 cup 80

 It contain arginine that is amino acid and help in weight loss.


Serving Calories
 1 Serving 40

It is an excellent source of fiber and break sugar contained in the fruit. Your body spend more energy in the digestion of apricot as compare to they consume.


Serving Calories
Per serving 22

 but our body expand 32 calories to digest it. Instead of using a mushroom on the pizza we can use them in soup and salad.

Green tea

It is a calorie free beverage when your consume it without sugar it speed up metabolism and help to burn excessive calories 2 cups of green tea help to reduce weight more quickly.


Low crab vegetable are those that contain the lowest amount of carbohydrate but a maximum portion of the fiber, fiber doesn’t contribute any calories it give the feeling of fullness.

  1. Reddish
  2. Broccoli
  3. Avocado
  4. Green beans
  5. Brussels sprout
  6. Onion egg plant
  7. Artichokes

Note:- All Negative calories vegetable are low carbohydrate vegetables


High protein  diet  minimize the craving. It is studied that eating high protein food will reduce the desire of snack at late night by half if you eat 441 calories by  protein source per day you will feel

5; Avoid sugar drinks and fruit juice
6; Eat soluble fiber
7; Eat unprocessed food
8; Adopt an alternative method when you feel a craving

Food Carving

There are following ways to overcome food craving:

Your Craving What you need? What you eat instead
Chocolate Magnesium Nuts, seeds, veggies and fruits
Salty food sodium Goat milk

Cashews, nuts, seeds

Bread / paste Nitrogen High protein food, nuts, beans, chia seed
Oily food Calcium Green leafy, vegetables, milk
Sugar food -Chromium




Broccoli, grapes

Fresh fruits

Egg. Dairy


 Diet Chart to Lose Weight

Timing Food Item Quantity
Before breakfast (half an hour before breakfast) Warm water + lemon

Detox water

1 glass

2 glass


7:30 – 9 am

Vegetable oat

Whole grain cereal

Tea + boil egg

Tea wit out sugar +2 tsp of coconut oil + chapatti of diet flour

1 small bowl

1 small bowl

1 cup + 1 egg





Small fruit


Detox  water



2 glass



Detox water half

Hour before meal

Boil rice + lentils or meat

2 glass


1 small bowl


4-6 pm

Cucumber chart


Mushroom salad

Detox water

2 cucumber


1 small bowl

1 glass



8-9 pm

Detox water

Green leafy vegetable + boiled rice

1 glass

1 small bowl

Before bed

(half an hour before sleep)

Green tea with lemon 1 cup


Note:- Drink as much as water as you can.

How to lose weight naturally by home remedy?

Apple Cider vinegar water


Ginger juice 1 Tsp
Lemon juice 1 tsp
Curry leave paste 1 Tsp


Mix all ingredients in water and drink empty stomach in morning.

Drink to get flat belly


Warm water 1 glass
Lemon jucie 3 tsp
Honey 1 tsp
Cinnamon powder 1 tsp
Black pepper powder 1 pinch


Mix all ingredient in water and drink empty stomach in the morning.

Paste to get a flat tummy


curry leaves 3 chop
Garlic 1 cloved (chop)
Honey 1 tsp


Mix all ingredient and eat it half hour before break fast

Weight loss tea


Green tea packet 1
Hot water 1 ½ galss
Ginger crush 2 inch piece
Lemon ½ crushed form
Honey 1 tsp


Filter all these ingredients and than ad green tea bag in a cup of water. Drink it empty stomach.

Mint water


Mint 25 leves
Lemon 1 (without seed)
Alovera gel From 1 ½ in piece
Black salt
Water 1 glass
Bitter gourd 3 inch piece
Carom ½ tsp


Blend all these ingredient and drink empty stomach.

Detox Water


Lemon 2 (8 piece of 1 lemon)
Orange 1 (8 piece)
Ginger 3 inch piece
Water 1 jug
Tamarind 1 tsp

Soaked all these ingredients in jug of water and leave it for three hours. After this drink this water whole day.

Lemon water


Hot water 1 glass
Lemon half


Mix both ingredients and drink daily empty stomach in the morning it is the best way to start metabolism of day.

Ginger tea.


Water 1 cup
Ginger 3 in a piece
Milk Half cup with out fat
Tea As required


Cook all these ingredients than drink it.

Tea with coconut  oil


Water 1 cup
Tea As required
Milk Without fat
Coconut oil 1 tsp


It will give you felling of fullness.

  1. Grape fruit

Eating half grape fruit before a meal also help to reduce weight.

  1. Cucumber chart

Eat as much cucumber as you can it will give you a feeling of fullness because of its large water content.


Cucumber 3
Pink salt 1 pinch
Lemon 3-4 drops
Black pepper 1 pinch


Eat it as a snack or meal it’s up to you.

How to lose weight naturally without exercise?

We can lose weight naturally without exercise by followings these points.

  1. Add protein to your diet.
  2. Eat whole food (single ingredient)
  3. Don’t consume processed food.
  4. Use healthy and natural snack.
  5. Limit added sugar intake.
  6. Drink plenty of water.
  7. Avoid liquid that contributes calories.
  8. Minimize intake of refined carbohydrates
  9. Discontinuous fasting
  10. Green tea without sugar.
  11. Eat more vegetable and fruit.
  12. Eat low carbohydrates diet.
  13. Eat slowly
  14. Replace gat with coconut oil
  15. Add egg in your diet
  16. Add spice in your diet normal amount
  17. Use probiotics
  18. Get adequate sleep
  19. After meal brush your teeth
  20. Intake more fiber
  21. Fight yourself against food addiction
  22. Use of whey protein
  23. Focus on change your life style.

a)protein diet

if you replace fat with protein diet your hunger hormone will reduce and your several satiety hormones will also  boost. This will result in reduction in hunger and that is the main reason that protein help  you to lose weight by eating protein food it will help you to eat fewer calories automatically.

b)whole food

as we know that processed food are  very high in the calories because excessive amount of fat and sugar present in it .if you will continue to eating such food regularly than these extra calories will result in weight gain

for example; if we eat plan baked potatoes instead of fast food French fries  it can help you to save 200 calories. When you replaced processed food with whole food it will increase calorie saving and help you to lose weight.

c)      unprocessed food

such food is high in sugar content and fructose corn syrup

causes of over-consumption of processed food;

  • 1 They contain artificial ingredients
  • 2 people can become addicted of such food
  • 3 such foods are high in refined carbohydrate
  • 4 such foods are low in nutrient
  • 5 such foods are low in fiber
  • 6 such foods take less time to digest
  • such foods are high in trans fat

d)      healthy snacks

nuts are one of the example f healthy snacks .nuts in moderation help us to lose weight .It also contain perfect balance of protein fiber and healthy fat.

e)      added sugar

The diet that are high n sugar have adverse effect on mental as well as physical health .if we take high sugar diet it not only promote the weight gain but also cause

-mood disorder

-increase risk of depression


  f)   plenty of water

as we know water is the important part of body function and process which may include digestion ,elimination E.T.C. in case of diet water help to lose your weight because water can help you to eat less. water provides hydration without unwanted calories.

How to lose weight fastly permanently and naturally?

If you adopt the following habits you can lose weight fastly permanently and naturally ;

  • 1chewing food slowly and properly
  • 2use smaller plates for unhealthy food
  • 3eat plenty of protein
  • 4store unhealthy food out of sight
  • 5 drink plenty of water
  • 6 serve small portion to yourself
  • 7 eat your meal without electronic distraction
  • 8 avoid stress and sleep well
  • 9serve unhealthy food in red color plates
  • 10 change your sedentary lifestyle
  • 11weight yourself every day
  • 12 crab refeed

Chewing of food slowly;

If you chew food slowly and properly it will decrease the food intake .it also increase the fullness .according to the research people who eat fast more likely to be obesed.

Smaller plates for healthy food;

It is studies that if we use a big plate for meal than it will make serving smaller and we will add more food. So to avoid this we have to used

-big plates for unhealthy food

-smaller plates for healthy food

Plenty of protein;

Protein create the felling of fullness and reduce hunger. According to research women who eat eggs in breakfast will ate fewer calories in lunch as compare to those   who doesn’t eat egg in breakfast.

Unhealthy food out of sight

If you see the unhealthy food your hunger and craving will also increase .you must have to store them in closest of cupboards so they less likely to catch your eyes.

Food rich in fiber

Eat viscous fiber food .because it will make jel when it comes in contact with water. It will increase the time that is taken to absorb the nutrient and it will slow down stomach emptying.

Plenty of water

If we drink half liter water half an hour before the meal than it will reduce hunger. Drink at least 8-10 glass water daily.

Smaller portion of food

Serve smaller portion of food to yourself because larger portion of food will encourage the people to eat more and it will linked with obesity.

Eat meal without electronic distraction

If you pay attention on what to eat t may help you to eat fewer calories . Don’t eat while watching  T.V playing computer E.T.C.  it will lose track that how much you have to eat.

Avoid stress take proper sleep

Lack of sleep will disrupt the  apetitte harmone Leptin .Another harmone name cortisol become elevated when you are in stress.

Eliminate sugar drinks

If you  want to lose weight you should have to avoid sugar or sugar containing drinks because liquid calories doesn’t  effect the fullness as solid calories does.

Serve the unhealthy meal in red plates

Because red color associated with the warning like red color use in signals to stop traffic.

Crab reefed

Once in a week you can do crab reefed it means that you can take a great meal once in a weak you can eat high carbohydrate food once in a week  like

  • Oat
  • Rice
  • Quinoa

But only once in a week .it is optional. You will gain some weight during this reffed day but most of the weight is the weight of water so you will lose this again in next 1-2 days.

How to make a low-calorie meal

There are three ways to prepare low calories meal

  • steaming
  • grilling
  •  salad

The best way to prepare vegetables is steaming .it prevent the loss of original flavor and nutrient which may be lost due to frying and boiling. When you steam the vegetables add few drops of lemon and a pinch of black pepper to enhance its flavor.


The vegetables that have coats like asparagus, summer squash grill them on electronic griller with olive oil.


Combine tomato, carrot, green leafy vegetables, mushrooms to make a salad. In order to give a sweet flavor to it, you can add apple and strawberries.

Avoid adopting any wrong ways to lose weight

Most of the people adopt various wrong ways to lose weight .these ways are very injurious for such people in future .these include:

  • fad diets
  • crash diet
  • Keto diet
  • Smoking
  • fasting
  • diet pills
  • low glycemic index diet
  • cut down sugar and fats permanently from their diet


My name is Alina Ejaz and I am doing BS in human nutrition and dietetics. In this article, I have given the ideas about how to lose weight naturally.

It’s not about losing the weight it is about losing the lifestyle and mindset that got you there. If you will read this article let that day be the start of something new. Being slim is not a matter of beauty remember that you have always been beautiful now you are just deciding to be healthier, fitter, faster and stronger.

Team- Nutritionlab.co

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